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Radial Engine


3D modeling requires texturing and in this simple example we have two ways of doing that. The engine itself is made up of a variety of metals which in programs like Modo and Vue can be achieved by using procedural or preset materials. They are simply dropped onto the mesh in question, say the steel base of this engine where one can alter things like the reflectiveness of the metal along with a number of other factors like highlights. The advantage of procedurals is that the shape of the object doesn't matter.


Now in the carriage that holds the engine, I wanted a painted object that had a lot of chips and scratches, the wear and tear of an engine shop. To achieve this one selects a 2D photograph of a texture which then has to be UV'ed to the object. Now this is a complex process, but to simply put in, your object has to be taken apart in your application and layer out flat against the textured desired.

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