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The visual journey of Don webster


The latest changes to my website represents my efforts in developing 3D models for my compositions as well as providing 3D assets for fellow CGI artists. This allows me to stay somewhat current with the 3D industry as well as staying close technically with my oldest son who teaches Modeling & Computer Animation at VaTech.

Within this site I hope to show my work, hopefully provide some insight for those not familiar with 3D other then what they see in the movies, and finally some of the works by fellow modelers I have contact with that I both use and value in my work.

As I get older, and applications become more complicated, it has become more difficult to kep this site current. I am sorry for that and will try to do better in the future with the changes I have now made for updating. For those who have followed me for the past 14 years, the biggest change you will see beyond new and interesting images I hope, will be more attention to actual models I am doing.

If you would like to know more on particular efforts, I can be found in these publications.

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